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Hey howdy, y’all!

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Well, I can’t tell you how pleasant it is to drop a few words here on yon blog. Before I write anything else I must do two things, as follows:

  1. Recognize my sister, Chaz, as truly an angel on earth!
  2. Acknowledge the inestimable value of the thoughts, prayers and wonderful vibrations aimed in my general direction by the many

At the moment, I’m not going to go into significant detail about what’s been happening; we’ll get to that over time.

What I did want to share with y’all is a wondrous vision that Chaz and I just created, wherein all of the patients here at the ol’ ho’pital are dancing in conga lines throughout the institution. For those who are not yet mobile, imagine the occasional arm or leg appearing from behind the curtain.

This joyful dance is evocative of where I’m at, headwise and heartwise.

More laterly.

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